August 2010 – Fermentation with Chris and Peppa Tolley


Click links for copy of the handout provided at the August meeting, together with some additional notes from Chris & Peppa Tolley. After attending the talk and demonstration of fermented vegetables, no doubt lots of us will feel inspired to try this fascinating method of preserving our abundant harvests!
Guidelines for Fermented Vegetables
Raw Cultured Vegetables
Kefir starter powder is available from local health food shops or if you would like to buy true live immortal kefir grains contact us.

Useful site about kefir with a funny video on preparing milk kefir
Also, for any members interested in a beginner’s course of Emotional Freedom Technique, you can find information on this at

more information about the Weston Price Foundation
you can read the original book by Dr Weston Price for free here:
Title: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Author: Weston A. Price
* A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook *
Update: Note the second edition which is still in print has additional information.
Rami Nagel discusses preventing and healing dental cavities naturally using Weston Price principles in one of the Food Summit lectures


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