December 2010 Meeting


This last meeting of the year was ASTRO TAS members opportunity to present items of interest and ask questions. It began with questions about duck keeping, worm farming and composting – and an interesting discussion followed.

Elisabeth presented a recipes for making LSA or Oat milk using a Champion Juicer, also for a recipe for making a slice from the waste pulp – LSA Milk and Slice Recipe.

John circulated photos of berry house he has built, using Hanging Strawberry Beds to stop slugs and snails as well as bringing them to good picking height.

Allan described his method of making a healing ointment from St John Wort and Calendula flowers.

Rodger demonstrated how make a sprouter to sprout seeds to produce live nutritious food. ( for Rodger’s Live Sprouting video demonstration see Astrotas Picnic).

Links: Dr. Ann Wigmore shows how to make her lightly fermented wheatgrass drink – Rejuvelac. Excerpt from a video.


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