June 2011 Meeting – Exploring the mind body connection


What is holding you back? How does your unconscious mind help or hinder? Our special guest speaker Tony Barker, life coach of movingmindmountains.com.au gave a very professional presentation on “Exploring the Mind Body Connection”. Tony discussed neuro transmitters, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and how this affects behaviour. What we say to ourselves and what we hear unavoidably focusses us so we must frame the statements carefully in the positive eg, “Walk carefully” v. “Don’t slip”.

Some other examples mentioned include the work of Deprak Chopra, Dr. Hammer and Dr. Sano as well as very interesting book about cellular memory The Heart Remembers

Tony concluded with a quick Timeline Therapy demonstration (the VP had some anger issues released!) a powerful light trance technique to identify negative behaviours the past and hence remove them from the present and future. This cures phobias as well as releasing negative thoughts and behaviour patterns.

Another interesting article on memory from Maggie: memory

Afternoon tea recipes walnut-and-date-cake/ allans-zuchinni-butter-and-scone-recipe/
Harnessing Energy in Nature – implosion technology. Inspired by the waterspouts off Avoca beach in May, Carolyn shared a short video presentation on the work of Viktor Schauberger the Water Wizard. Viktor was a pioneer of the environmental movement who observed how the immense natural forces that shape rivers (and indeed our universe) are spiral and began to apply his understanding of the vortex to the work of man. You can borrow the DVD from our library or an alternative movie on his work online


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