October meeting – peak oil with Dr Towle


Peak Oil – Peak Health? With Dr Nick Towle
Saturday 22nd October 2011
Climate change, peak oil and other burning matters – how these global challenges will affect your local health. In 2000 oil production peaked in Australia and Australia has passed the US as the new world leader in CO2 emissions per capita. Is it all downhill from here?
Dr Towle is currently undertaking research into climate change and health, as a UTAS research assistant, funding through the PHCRED (Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development scheme) He suggests the way to prepare for the inevitable is forging links within a strong caring community using the Transition Towns model.

Watch full length doco “the Power of community” how Cuba survived Peak Oil with some help from Australia’s permaculture community. Health actually improved with less junk food and more exercise forced on the population.

after the teabreak Astro president Rodger Taggart back from holiday in China had information to share about low energy LED lighting from “THE SHENZHEN INTERNATIONAL, ENERGY SAVING, EMISSION REDUCTION & NEW ENERGY EXPO” . a thought provoking Peek into the next few decades.


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