November 2011 – Mount Gnomon Farm visit


Visit to Mount Gnomon Farm, Penguin

good things
Braving the mizzle on their weekend off Eliza Wood, and Guy Robertson, agricultural scientist, VicePresident of the North-West Environment Centre, and chook fancier, kindly hosted a large group of Astrotasmanians at their ethical and sustainable farm in the stunning Dial Ranges where they raise free range Wessex Saddleback pigs, and other rare heritage animal breeds.

mizzle little piggies

The newborn piglets and poultry were the highlight of the day. Even our vegetarian members were charmed by the care with which these obviously very happy well mannered animals are being raised. The carnivores in the group sampled the meltingly delicious salami, chorizo and plum sausage.

Check out their blog which chronicles the highs (and lows) of contemporary ‘old school’ farming.
Snouts unearth soil secrets

Was this your idea Guy? No thought it was yours Eliza!
“Was this your idea Guy?” ” No thought it was yours Eliza!”

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