Edible Tasmanian Mushrooms


Interesting season for mushrooms – it’s been quite dry ; the Lactarius was up late, tough and leathery – the slippery jacks were few and far between when we went out. Then this nice little specimen flushed red – hmm not a blue stainer, but not in my books as a reaction so we left them out of the basket. In restrospect i should have saved it, dried it off and sent it in for ID to Tom May of the Botanical gardens in Melbourne who is interested in wild edibles. He likes specimens best with a bite out of them!

blushing SLippery Jack
Suillus granulatus

On the plus side located local Ink caps coprinus comatus, the parasols came up in my garden somewhere around where i flung the cap from an older specimen i wasn’t about to eat and i found a beautiful fat shaggy parasol happily growing in the lawn mower clippings tossed around the paperbarks at the school. Permaculturists take note. The tasty bleeding agaricus ( probably a. sylvestris) came up in my garden again. Perhaps one of the trainees from the Milkwood mushroom prpopogation day will bring them into cultivation here along with some other delicacies – or even run a workshop for astro lateer. I found another wild clump of them here:

spring rains may bring a bumper crop of morels down south after the bushfires. At the Fungimap foray I heard of a lucky lady who had a load of woodchip delivered from Hobart for mulch which produced a crop in her garden. but we don’t know where exactly it was sourced. Yes they are natives, been drifting about with the continents since the cretaceous (don’t confuse them with false morels  which also grow in Tas – so poisonous even the fumes in a closed room can give you symptoms!)


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