Fully Raw Cacao Truffles


These won a third place at our February meeting. Remember to taste your truffles often as you mix and enjoy! Image

Ratio 1:2:4 (portion below makes about 12) 
1 tablespoon raw creamed honey (germicidal)
2 tablespoon cold pressed virgin coconut oil (germicidal)

– these first two ingredients should be soft solids – see note 

4 tablespoon Raw cacao powder (antioxidant)
1 teaspoon matcha (green tea) powder to coat (antioxidant, germicidal)
Store in fridge.
Adult version with Shiraz soaked apricot centre rolled in crushed nuts

Note: A cold climate treat – otherwise substitute a little melted cacao butter for some of the coconut oil to make it firmer. Runny honey will not do – it must be firm. I created this recipe using rainforest leatherwood honey from miellerie.com.au to celebrate election night with the tasmanian greens. yes the greentea truffles do resemble wombat poo which are little probiotic marvels.

Mash honey, oil and cocao powder together. Roll into small balls and coat in matcha. 


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