Descendants of Atlantis



Gerald Makin talked to Astro in February about his book “the Endless Thread” which details revelations of celtic lore in the Ross Bridge carvings and the book of Kells amongst other things. Although ancient these things were once common knowledge but being suppressed at one time by the authorities of the day were driven underground. Gerald revealed that JRR Tolkein was also privy to this knowledge, references appear in his fictional works eg. “After its fall Númenor was called Atalantë” refers to the island of Numenor by name and as Atlantis

So who else thinks Celts are really descendants of Atlantis?

Alas – poor Gerald was hit by a car the week after his Astro appearance and a day before his official book launch! Those of us who were at the aborted book signing sent a card on behalf of Astrotas. He is recuperating and the book signing which will be rescheduled.  Copies are now available at Window on the World, Ulverstone who will contact you when that’s arranged, also as  eBook (free preview) is available from Booktopia  $4.40 (pdf ) or as flowing text from Googleplay for Android devices


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