Mystery Dip


So I made this gluten and dairy free  ‘mystery dip’ in a hurry the other day and found it met with a good reception at the March meeting. It was quite a deal tastier after overnighting in the fridge so suggest you also make the day before.

  • One cup cold mashed baked sweet potato
  • 150 g hot smoked salmon (make sure it’s the sort of smoked salmon with a cooked texture that will flake. i used Huon hot smoked chili salmon. I gues you could subtitute well drained tinned salmon )
  • teaspoon ground Sumac (and a pinch to decorate later)
  • tablespoon or two of  Red Kelly’s sweet chili and lime dressing ( find it at the Nuthouse Ulverstone, Doula’s Fruit and Veg in Devonport or IGA )*
  • pinch seasalt

Blend everything together with a fork ( difficult) or stick blender ( easy) until smooth enough to dip a cracker in.  Sprinkle an extra pinch of sumac on top. cover and refridgerate overnight. Suitable to freeze.

Enjoy with Peckish lime and pepper rice crackers also from selected IGA supermarkets. Alas the Nuthouse doesn’t have this flavour

* who carry astro posters  🙂


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