The Hemp Solution


Astrotas is pleased to announce a screening of the Hemp Solution, an australian documentary, at the next meeting on Sep 20th 10:30 am before the main feature Microbirth at 2pm/6pm

THE HEMP SOLUTION – FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, 93mins plus 16 mins of extras, is the updated and expanded version of THE HEMP REVOLUTION. It explores all aspects of Cannabis Sativa – its thousands of industrial and medical uses, its potential to solve modern environmental problems, and the effects of and controversy around marijuana and its prohibition.Featuring: Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Lester Grinspoon, Dr Kate Short, Terence McKenna, Prof. Peter Dale Scott, Dr Andrew Katelaris and more… including a Tasmanian lady – Patsy Hansen, who was the first to grow industrial non-psychoactive strains of hemp in this state


…powerful…fascinating and intelligent…
should be seen by anyone interested in the psyche of the Western world and the future of the planet”
“expert and multi-layered”

The producer, Sol Ramana-Clarke, has graciously allowed this free of additional public screening rights charges. We have a few DVD’s at a special price of $10 ( contact me below)

Tasmanian food grade hemp oil and hemp meal as well as hemp garden mulch are available from Hemp Australia .


Hemp food is legally consumed in every industrialised economy, with the exception of Australia. Even in the United States, where hemp food is legal, it is all imported (mostly from Canada) because growing industrial hemp in the U.S. is illegal. –

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