GIY (geek it yourself) anti-gravity


Satellites recorded a dip in Earth’s gravity field in West Antarctica “due to extensive ice loss” oct 2014

antigravityOldschool Anti-gravity with NASA is temporary, uncomfortable, precarious.
Compare this to the Electric Universe understanding of gravity as due to simple charges – the familiar negative and positive, south and north poles which attract and repel. Our universe is Yin and Yang.
cloud sofa

Newton’s law of gravity contains an empirical constant G. The electrical model of gravity has a variable G that depends also on the charge distribution in the body.

This is the power of understanding an electromagnetic universe. We manipulate rather than fight gravity as NASA does. We are no longer constantly falling.

Watch a frog levitated using a 10 tesla magnetic coil ! (Please explain = Note: the cloud bed is at this stage a concept by D.K. Wei from KooTouch but you may buy the slab below for USD$1.5 million from Take off earrings before vacuuming underneath.
floating bed
or make your own GeekIY version $1,000 supports 250lbs Plans =
GIY  bedWell I can hear some folk tuttutting, saying this is nothing more than children’s toys and highschool physics – can we call this manipulation of magnetic fields anti-gravity? Let’s watch Prof Eric Laithwaite demonstrate how to levitate and notice how he has the ability to achieved lateral stability ( those beds need some tethering strings in the corners )

Our first steps into new technology can begin with toys; from fireworks to moonshots, from spinning tops to gyroscopes – it is that simple. Devoid of complex calculations we can begin our mastery of superconductors with dry ice from the icecream shop, some magnets and a toy train.

The really big bangs are the ones that go on in the heads of theoretical physicists when they try to put together the pieces handed to them by experimental physicists. – Martin Gardner.

In 1992 Evgeny Podkletnov published a paper describing how he had stumbled across a “gravity shielding” effect while running a routine test on one of his superconductors  If you want to see what the big boys are playing with now, head over to Wallace Thornhill’s blog

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