Lightning Bolts within Cells


A. “Cellular Circuit: A cell can be thought of as a circuit made up of capacitors and resistors. Its membrane and those of its organelles, such as the nucleus, act like capacitors. The briny liquid encased within the membranes, the cytosol and nucleoplasm, is conductive and so can be modeled as resistors.” Illustration: Bryan Christie Design

Lurking deep inside an ordinary cell are electric fields strong enough to cause a bolt of lightning. “The existence of strong electric fields across cellular membranes is accepted as a basic fact of cell biology. Maintaining gradients of charged molecules and ions allows for many cellular functions, from control over cell volume to the electrical discharges of nerve and muscle cells. The fact that cells have internal electric fields, however, is surprising. Kopelman presented his results at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. “There has been no skepticism as to the measurements,” says Kopelman. “But we don’t have an interpretation.”

The electric universe theory isn’t surprised that it doesn’t stop on the outside of a cell at all since the wiring runs continously through the beautiful living matrix model.

B. the Living Matrix model of the body and cell – James Oschmann

I felt quite underawed by this year’s Nobel Prize for medicine – ‘place cells‘. Part of the disapointment stems from this looking retro and pedestrian after recent findings in neuroplastic research. Important no doubt but not electrifying news, not a patch on reading Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis James L. Oschman, 2000

Modern neurophysiology focuses primarily on the activity of less than half of the cells in the brain (Becker 1990a, 1991). The ‘neuron doctrine’ holds that all functions of the nervous system are the result of activities of the neurons. Integration of brain function is therefore regarded as arising from the massive interconnectivity of the neurons. This view is incomplete because it ignores an evolutionarily more ancient informational system residing in the perineural connective tissue cells that constitute more than half of the cells in the brain. Perineural cells encase every nerve fiber, down to their finest terminations throughout the body. The perineural system is a direct current communication system  reaching to every innervated tissue. The perineural system  establishes a ‘current of injury’ that controls injury repair. Historically, the injury potential was discovered before the discovery of resting and action potentials of nerves (Davson 1970). The current of injury is generated at the site of a wound, and continues until repair is complete. James L. Oschman

A number of biologists have concluded that the frequency overlap of Schumann resonances and biological fields is not accidental, but is the culmination of a close interplay between geomagnetic and biomagnetic fields over evolutionary time James L. Oschman

As mentioned in an earlier post I came to hear of Wallace Thornhill’s Electric Universe theory via the bio-electric side of things. I footled off to see David ‘eating for beauty’ Wolfe on a rawfood/permaculture retreat in Byron Bay. Like good hippies we were supposed to walk around Leilani’s garden barefoot, ‘earthing’. I had visions of hookworm and ant bites so was a little slow to warm to the idea ( despite a grounding hug from David! ) but in the end I came around to it. Longtime members may have seen little ads for Earthing products on the astro website – we are connected to the cosmic grid! The catalyst was hearing James Oschmann lecture on the body being a liquid crystal electric circuit.

  excerpt from a longer presentation you will see on the right hand column there on youtube


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