Wallace Thornhill Bio


Wal Thornhill’s website: http://www.holoscience.com

Wal at Astrotas Oct 2014

Wallace Thornhill  is now the chief scientific advisor to the Thunderbolts Project http://www.thunderbolts.info. He has a degree in physics and electronics from Melbourne University and began postgraduate studies with Prof. Victor Hopper’s upper atmosphere research group. Before entering university he had been inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky’s best-selling controversial book, Worlds in Collision, which contends that “our ancestors may have witnessed awe inspiring electrical events in the heavens—the source of myths and symbols around the world.” Rather than pursue a career in astrophysics in an academia generally hostile to such a line of enquiry, Wal turned to computing, working with IBM and the prestigious IBM Systems Development Institute in Canberra, followed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs while continuing his studies of plasma and electricity in astronomy privately. He has been mentored by Velikovsky himself.

In 1994 his life changing meeting with David Talbott, at the Velikovsky Symposium in Oregon led to their collaboration on the Thunderbolts Project. Together they have authored two books – the Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods

He is a 2010 Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science Laureate. In 2011 he delivered “Stars in an Electric Universe” as the John Chappell Memorial Lecture at the Natural Philosophy Alliance, Maryland University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFcNHHxSFl4 He received their Sagnac Award for his lifelong contribution to science in 2013.

Above that Wallace is a passionate pacifist and a dedicated educator.

“The Australian Aborigines have their stories of the dream time where there’s a rainbow serpent that changed the face of the Earth and did all sorts of amazing things when there were two suns in the sky and the rainbow snake swallowed one of them. All of these kinds of things have an actual explanation in terms of plasma physics but they have no explanation in standard astronomy.
The result of that is that our cultures are built around stories we don’t understand, but the electric universe illuminates those as well. So we begin to see our real place in the scheme of things and that is a liberating thing. It is something that the human race desperately needs I think because we are at present behaving quite irrationally. When you look at our situation in the universe and here we are fighting over petty things. We’re destroying our environment willy nilly.” – Wal Thornhill, SOTT interview

When I announced Wallace Thornhill was coming to give a talk to Astrotas some people ( not to mention me! ) were flabbergasted we could get such a high profile international speaker with our carefully hoarded little budget. This is simply a testimony to how NICE Wal is and the genuine passion he has for his subject, and for communicating the workings of plasma physics to all ages and stages. Wal is excellent company, likes his gluten freefood and drink 😉 It was a pleasure to host him and we had some fun before and after the talk with a quick visit to a few local attractions. (This warmness and niceness is a hallmark of ALL the past Astrotas speakers – just amazing souls, as well as very knowledgeable people. )

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