Sacred Geometry – Ken Barrett


Rodger organised  to have Ken Barrett, mathematician and Reiki healer from Melbourne, give a talk while he was here on holiday. We have been waiting a longtime for this event! My mind is truly expanded – so much to take in from this lecture – much to study, more questions than answers in fact, so I’ll just quickly upload those slides as promised – its in pdf format so you can see them  without powerpoint on the internet or download to your computer. A version with my notes will be uploaded later and futher commentary here on the blog.

phi shapes

Click to view Slides from the lecture in pdf format

You may also like to litsen to 2 hours! of Dan Winter at the Melbourne Astro meeting

and the short TEDtalk by Garrett Lisi ( the E8 theorist mentioned by Ken ) I enjoyed it although since Wal Thornhill’s Electric Universe lecture basically shows relativity, string theory and multiverses, and particle physics is imaginary maths, I have politely filed it mentally under ‘entertainment’ rather than ‘science’ or ‘Technology’

Although last saturday’s sacred geometry with Ken Barrett was the final Astrotas meeting for the near future, the journey continues with this blog and Astro south australia.


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