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Combination Liposomal Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Curcumin


Copy of Combination Liposomal

Combination Liposomal for cancer contains Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Curcumin. Pdazzler’s latest homemade Liposomal may be a potent cancer fighter when added to your current anti-cancer regimen or protocol. And you can make this powerful combination Liposomal in your own kitchen.

I have used homemade Liposomal Vitamin C as an alternative cancer treatment and as a cancer preventative for over a year.

Vitamin C (like Curcumin and Resveratrol) is very difficult for the body to absorb when taken orally. This is particularly true when Vitamin C is taken in large oral doses. Until the advent of Liposomal Vitamin C the only efficient method of getting therapeutic levels of Vitamin C into the blood stream was intravenously. This required administration and attendance by a physician or nurse practitioner.

Current studies indicate cancer patients can get more bang for the buck from properly prepared oral Liposomal Vitamin C than is available from the intravenous variety.

Industry is now producing Liposomal carriers for any number of supplements. Two of the more recent and effective are Liposomal Curcumin and Liposomal Resveratrol. One supplement manufacturer has created a combination liposomal with 5 active ingredients.

Curcumin has also been an active part of my personal anti-cancer protocol for several years. Curcumin is extremely difficult to absorb. Any number of additive ingredients have been tried to assist the body in absorption of Curcumin, the most popular or which is piperine (pepper).

Unfortunately, even with piperine only a small percentage of Curcumin reaches the bloodstream. Substantial doses of Curcumin (many grams daily) are necessary to get therapeutic levels into the blood and piperine (pepper) often upsets the stomach. Numbers of users, myself included, incorporated Curcumin into their Budwig mixes on the theory flax oil contained in Budwig assisted the fat soluble Curcumin in being absorbed. This is a great idea but no-one ever proved in studies the practice was paying real dividends. It is doubtful therapeutic doses of Curcumin reach the blood (with this method) unless you are taking high doses of several grams daily.

Scientific studies show placing Curcumin in Liposomal nano-bubbles is 9 to 10 times as effective getting the Curcumin to the blood stream as piperine. This means a therapeutic application that requires 10 to 15 grams of oral Curcumin can now be accomplished with 1 – 2 tablespoons of Liposomal Curcumin. (Prostate Cancer Study.)

The new hot button anti-cancer supplement is Trans-Resveratrol. A few minutes Googling on the Internet will bring back any number of citations for dozens of medical studies on the efficacy of Trans-Resveratrol and a significant number of them involve cancer. (Skin Cancer Study.) Trans-Resveratrol, like Curcumin causes apoptosis (cancer cell death), is fat soluble and extremely difficult to absorb. Studies show Liposomal Resveratrol reaching the blood stream at 10 to 20 times the levels of regular oral administration.

Note: Resveratrol is very reactive to open air and will oxidize quickly. Product stability is critical to overall product effectiveness. This requires special packaging steps and special care must be taken in order to maintain a high level of potency. Store any unused Trans-Resveratrol in airtight container. It is suggested you purchase in smaller sealed units or evacuate the air between uses to preserve potency.

This is the point where you are tasked to do your own research on the value of Resveratrol, Curcumin and Vitamin C in treating or preventing cancer in your personal case. What follows is my recipe for preparing combination homemade Liposomal containing three super-star supplements, Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Curcumin. It is recommended you read and produce “Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C” first, prior to attempting my new homemade liposomal combination. The process is similar although water soluble Vitamin C is much easier to place into an efficient liposomal. As you work with the combination you learn it involves more “art” than “science”. Patience is an added virtue.

Using a small (2 cup) Ultrasonic cleaner, (Item #03305, obtainable from Harbor Freight @ about $30.00), we performed the following:

  1. Using a glass or stainless steel sauce pan warm 1 ½ cups of distilled water to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).
  2. In two 12 oz. or larger sealable jars place ½ cup (4 oz.) of the warmed distilled water in each.
  3. Add 3 tablespoons of non-GMO soy lecithin (NOW brand works well) to each jar. Seal jars and agitate each vigorously for 3 – 5 minutes. Set jars aside allowing the lecithin granules to soak up distilled water.
  4. After soaking for two or more hours shake/agitate each jar vigorously until smooth creamy lecithin solutions in each jar with no visible lecithin granules.
  5. Place 10 grams Curcumin (3 1/3 level teaspoons) in one jar of lecithin solution, close jar tightly and agitate/shake aggressively for 3 – 5 minutes until Curcumin is in solution.
  6. Place 3 grams Resveratrol (3 level teaspoons) in the 2nd jar of lecithin solution, close jar and agitate/shake aggressively for 3 – 5 minutes until Trans-Resveratrol is in solution.
  7. Pour contents of both jars together into ultra-sonic cleaner and turn the unit on. Stir with straw through the first cycle. (Approximately 2 – 3 minutes.)
  8. Start next ultrasonic cycle. When ultrasonic unit stops start again. Continue running cycles and stir occasionally while accomplishing the following.
  9. Wash your sealable jars. Place two oz. of warm distilled water in each jar.
  10. Add 1 Tablespoon prescription Vitamin C powder to 1st jar, seal and shake/agitate vigorously until Vitamin C is dissolved.
  11. Dissolve 1 Heaping Tablespoon of Bob’s Red Mill Bicarbonate of Soda (Bob’s is Aluminum free) in 2nd jar, seal and shake / agitate vigorously until baking soda is dissolved.
  12. **What follows is often the most difficult part of the process for those new to making homemade liposomals. While stirring the Vitamin C / distilled water solution very slowly pour/dribble the dissolved bicarbonate of soda/water mixture into the Vitamin C / distilled water solution. (Pour soda solution slowly as the resulting mixture will bubble. By pouring slowing and constantly stirring Vitamin C solution you will be able to mix the two without bubbling over.)
  13. At the conclusion of mixing the bicarbonate of soda mixture into the Vitamin C mixture bubbling will cease. Pour the resulting total Vitamin C / Bicarbonate of Soda mix together into what was the Bicarbonate of Soda jar and swirl to dissolve any soda that may have settled out.
  14. Pour the resulting Vitamin C / Bicarbonate of Soda mixture in ultrasonic unit with the Lecithin, Resveratrol, Curcumin mix.
  15. Operate the ultrasonic cleaner for 4 additional cycles or 10 minutes.
  16. Measure the pH of the resulting Liposomal combination. You are seeking a pH 7.25 – 7.50. . * Both Vitamin C and Resveratrol are acidic. If needed add very small amounts of addition soda to buffer resulting Liposomal to neutral.

Bottle and refrigerate the resulting combination Liposomal.

Start with just one or two tablespoons daily and increase dosage slowly, listening carefully to your body as your progress.

Each Tablespoon of this Liposomal Combination results in:

500 mg Vitamin C. Assuming 10 x efficacy the equivalent of 5 grams oral.
415 mg Curcumin. Assuming 10 x efficacy the equivalent of 4 grams oral.
125 mg Resveratrol. Assuming 20 x efficacy the equivalent of 2 1/2 grams oral.

All ingredients are noted for apoptosis (cancer killing) so approach the use with significant caution and common sense. Large doses could cause a severe herxhiemer reaction overwhelming your body’s ability to remove the resulting cancer die off.

The combination is more effective if blood levels are kept near constant. So dividing doses over time is a valid strategy. Example: a tablespoon morning and evening as opposed to two tablespoons just in morning. Or, a teaspoon every hour for 12 hours as opposed to 4 tablespoons every three hours. – Pdazzler

Videos are for those interested in learning more about liposomes.


Graced by Healing


One of my favourite books has to be Ian Gawler’s biography “the Dragons Blessing”. In it he says scathingly of so called ‘spontaneous remission’  that there was nothing spontaneous about it! He worked bloody hard at it! Here’s a story for him to add to “REMARKABLE RECOVERIES”Surviving cancer against the odds. What are the chances? How is it done? Public address given by Dr Ian Gawler OAM at the launching of the book Surviving Cancer by Professor Chris O’Brien May 2008 http://iangawler.com/info/articles/Remarkable%20Recoveries.pdf

If you are not familiar with his story Ian was a vet who collected on his life insurance as he was at the end of conventional western therapies including having his leg amputated for osteosarcoma. Using this money he embarked on a world journey investigating meditation and other techniques that led to his ultimately healing from this – he was a trail blazer. Decades later Natascha who is english and had bone and brain mets from primary breast cancer by 2012, is  in a lucky position to be very well supported in her “personal journey with cancer” doctors, nurses and family and friends, even though she had refused conventional treatment at diagnosis in 2009 – and journey it was including shamans in the amazonian rainforest – ultimately being graced with remission at home with her mind and the help of her osteopath.

Recorded in November at https://forestrowlocal.co.uk/community-event/a-personal-journey-with-cancer/ and first came to my attention via bisforbananascisforcancer.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/happy-2017-and-a-video-natasha-laing-from-stage-4-breast-cancer-to-remission/#more-4908

Enjoy – this is a joyous presentation throughout. It’s not just an approach to cancer – it’s about an approach to life!

A quick google shows the research into ‘spontaneous regression of cancer’ is gaining momentum exponentially with our increased understanding of immunity and the brain-body feedback loops, signaling molecules and the importance of the cells environment – the matrix. I was lucky enough some years ago to hear Mina Bissell lecture on stemcells in person. She too knows that cancer is not about ‘fighting for peace’ and killing a bunch of civilians you were trying to save in the process. Respect Thy Neighbor: Why We Will Not Cure Cancer by Treating Only the Cancer Cells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-FLuMKNBSA and if that’s too complex try the short peppy TED talk version https://www.ted.com/talks/mina_bissell_experiments_that_point_to_a_new_understanding_of_cancer 

Do perinatal epigenetic changes affect child health?


The expression of the genetic code of our DNA is normally altered several times before conception, and during pregnancy, childbirth and later throughout life. This takes place through the natural switching on and off of genes in response to signals received from the child’s own cells and from the environment. This is called ‘epigenetics’. Although epigentic changes do not act by altering the sequence of the genome directly, if say a tumour suppressor gene is switched OFF, then the rate of mutations in cellular DNA can increase.

Hannah Dahlen, professor of midwifery University of Western Sydney, and founder of the group EPIIC (Epigenetic impact of Childbirth) talks about the research on epigenetic influences during the actual process of normal labour and childbirth in the movie we are screening on 20th Sep called Microbirth.

“In the EPIIC hypothesis, we propose that physiological labour and birth have evolved to exert eustress (a healthy, positive form of stress) on the fetus, and that this process has an epigenomic effect on particular genes, particularly those that program immune responses, genes responsible for weight regulation, and specific tumour-suppressor genes.

Reduced or elevated levels of the hormones cortisol, adrenalin, and oxytocin which are produced during labour may lead to fetal epigenomic remodelling anomalies which exert influence on abnormal gene expression. This reprogramming could manifest in a range of diseases and behavioural problems in the neonate and later on in the adult.”  http://theconversation.com/can-caesarean-sections-increase-susceptibility-to-disease-12334

more about epigenetics and health http://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/Epigenetic-Influences-and-Disease-895

Medicinal Mushrooms


Impossible with half an hour on this topic in April mushroom hunting talk to list all the exciting things I’ve found. Here’s a smattering of what was and wasn’t covered and some links so you can do your own research.
I highly reccommend starting with this excellent discussion of medicinal mushrooms including Lion’s mane by Jon Seleen. 36 min

Hedgehog or sweet tooth fungus
I didn’t mention the destinctive hedgehog mushroom – hydnum repandum, also cutely named sweetooth.
Apparently very tasty and grows in the wetter native forests in Australia – Eucalyptus and Nothofagus. I can find photos taken at Bastion Cascades, Tas and in victorian locations incl. Sherbrooke forest. According to medicinal mushrooms(a succinct, well referenced amateur website by Robert Sasata) the compound repandiol isolated from it in 1992 in japan, kills a variety of tumour cell lines including colon cancers.

A number of people asked at the meeting about which of the medicinal Mushrooms I mentioned are also native to Australia. In addition to (Tremella fuciformis the jelly fungus, and Trametes versicolor, the turkey tail mushroom) we have a species of Grifola frondosa – hen of the woods, Hydnum repandum – the sweetooth or hedgehog mushroom, hericeum coralloides (= h. clathroides)  which is in the Lion’s mane family in eastern Australia including Tasmania, as well as a mention of hericeum erinaceus  – Lions Mane proper, in the Ottways, Victoria. Hericeum sp. are noted to stimulate production of nerve growth factor and may help regenerate nerves and aid myelination – useful for neuropathy, MS and dementia. http://mushrooms4health.com/hericium-the-nerve-regenerators/

Most of these I have seen in July while walking at Liffey Falls. They are all good eating except for turkey tail which is a woody polypore so purely medicinal like reishi and chaga.

Maitake (hen of the woods) mushrooms ( Grifola frondosa ) in particular has a very high profile in terms of anti tumour potential: Dr. Warwick Gill PhD from UTAS, who also oversees the production of Glen Huon Mushrooms which supply our supermarkets, has been doing research into the native grifola sp. as well as commercialising other medicinal and gourmet mushrooms not yet grown in Australia. There is a possibility it contains more or less or even different compounds as it grows on different wood (eucalypt). Also as it has not had the long history of eating or medicinal use and we simply can’t buy them here anyway, I ordered the maitake for the meeting from floridaherbhouse.com Sounded yummy but proved to be from China, rather than wild crafted from the USA and obviously not as tasty as the fresh unfortunately. However no trouble to add to one’s normal diet unless you are allergic to mushrooms/moulds. They add a richness to a cooked dish – I especially like it boiled and steeped in reishi tea for 15 mins then added to a bolognaise.
A cancer story Amelie has been given a big bag of dried maitake every year since her diagnosis of a brain tumour in 2004. It was considered untreatable by conventional medicine. The website owner wrote back to me to say that Amelia is expecting a baby soon 🙂 Although grade 2 astrocytomas can be very indolent Amelie’s tumour was in a bad spot tucked deep at the brain. I’m not sure what prognosis she was originally given, or what other therapies she is doing but the tumour isn’t growing and eating a bit of mushroom is obviously not a hard option.

Unfortunately funds for researching farming the michorizzal Matsutake (red pine) mushroom so beloved of the Japanese forests, ran out before Mr Gill achieved success in log cultivation. We did not find the dried north american matsutake worth the effort. If you would like to visit Glen Huon Mushrooms south of Hobart you can pre-arrange a farm tour on weekdays except friday (the farm sales and visitor centre is open though) – the shiitake and other mushrooms available are just so fresh and yummy, and according to research I have read, effective tumour preventors when just taken regularly as food rather than as a special supplement. Tassie tourism has put together a ‘Huon Trail’ which features various primary producers in the area.
850 Glen Huon Road Glen Huon TAS 7109
Phone: 03 6266 6333

More Useful Links:
the Huffington post discusses radiation contamination of wildboars and mushrooms in Europe The chaga mushroom teabags I sourced from Chaga Mountain in North America – not Russia, its cultural home because of the fallout from Chernobyl. With the radiation released through Fukushima contamination of wild mushrooms in the pacific NW may become an issue.

Paul Stamets is a noted mycologist who has done several TED talks and a TEDMED talk on youtube about his work with medicinal mushrooms which helped his 84 yo mum  treat stage 4 breast cancer using turkey tail, herceptin and taxol.
His website is fungi.com
Lions mane and other mushroom extracts mentioned by John Seleen and Paul Stamets can be bought easily and cheaply from iherb.com Very reliable vendor (use promocode for VAZ829 for $5 discount and to support this website).

Christoper Hobbs – includes recipes eg. Wei Qi Soup for Building Immune Strength

Dr Nanba’s Maitake research please be aware Dr. Nanba in addition to researching also sells the stuff

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