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January 2012 – Miracle of Fasting


Looking tanned and terrifically energetic after a week long fast, Astrotas founder Rodger Taggart gave us a run down on how to properly conduct a water fast to detox and rejuvenate after the silly season. Summer in Tasmania is a perfect time to undertake this as the weather is just pleasantly warm and the fruits which are so suitable as pre and post fast meals are in abundance.

Animal studies have shown fasting even stimulates stemcells in the brain to produce new neurons.

Some points to note:

    you should not go on a fast without medical supervision if you are taking any medications regularly

  • Fasting is a change of habit for most people. Rodger suggested not telling anyone until you complete your fast to avoid the usual barrage of negative commentary and awkward social encounters.
  • Try a one day fast first. Each day of fasting removes one year from your biological age according to the ancient experts.
  • Juice ‘fasting’ is technically a kind of ‘monodiet’ (sometimes referred to more properly as juice feasting)

Prepare by eating only fresh fruit for your last meal (2 is better ) to avoid pathological gut fermentation. Pawpaw is excellent for cleaning out colonic diverticuli. For each fasting day set aside one day of recovery. You should be prepared to rest and relax, do yoga, enjoy a little careful sunbathing* and let your body direct its energy to healing. Remove yourself from the EMF of cell phones, television and computers. Ladies should avoid makeup – only put fresh oils on the body. This is a real holiday for your guts and your mind. (So if you do a three day fast take another three days to ease back into your normal diet and activities.) Pay attention to the quality of the water you will be drinking, and drink plenty of it.

An enema which helps to clear the colon is an effective adjunct to a longer fast if you are worried about lack of bowel motions.
Fresh fruits and diluted fruit juice ( lemon or orange) are the best first meal after completing your fast. Start with a small quantity and an hour later try full strength juice.
Eat raw fruit again or a raw salad for lunch. Dinner should be vegetarian and may be cooked.

Side effects you may experience include abdominal cramps, joint aches and strange body odours as you detox. Please use the contact page if you are an Astro member requiring Rodger’s support during a fast.

additional resources:
In breaking news animal studies at the University of Southern California have shown without exception that short cycles of water fasting (48-60 hrs) “Retard Growth of Tumors and Sensitize a Range of Cancer Cell Types to Chemotherapy.”

Benefits of Fasting http://www.tcolincampbell.org/courses-resources/article/fasting-back-to-the-future/?tx_ttnews[backPid]=76&cHash=82e637d2d1

Audio Interview with Alan Goldhamer DC who has treated over 8000 patients with diabetes, hypertension, and autoimmune diseases with a combination of water-only fasting and a vegan diet, and is involved in clinical research with Colin T Cambpell author of the China Study. Water-only Fasting: Treating Patients by Doing Nothing – 36 mins

The_Miracle_of_Fasting Paul Bragg’s book in pdf format
* The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing 1934 book by Herbert M. Shelton, request a free electronic copy here.

A modern encyclopedic guide:

http://www.hopewood.com.au Rodger mentioned his visits to AUstralia’s oldest health retreat “Hopewood” in Wallacia NSW and Sharon shared her experience of this place and Quest for life, Queensland.