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October Picnic – DIY sprouter


Ferndene State Reserve. Ironcliffe Road, Penguin
ok so the weather was not perfect and the fire gave up but the diehard astrians were rewarded with many sunny breaks and yummy food. It was quite cosy around the picnic table when Rodger finally reappeared with his wife to demonstrate seed sprouting with his home made sprouters.
link to sprouting video instructions:

  • Nylon flyscreen, glass jar, rubber band , bottom of a plastic bottle, margarine tub or a bowl.
  • Seeds – from healthfood store (NOT garden supplies) – eg. alfalfa, fenugreek , ming beans, wheat, quinoa
  • Water
  • The sun came right out and we got almost hot on the little walk bushwalk to view Elizabeth and John’s wedding spot under the massive manferns and Josie found the geocache for the second time on the trail to Thorsby’s Tunnel – an old silver mine. Finally only Rodger and Carolyn braved the narrow entrance and cave spiders! to view the workings. Good spot to ripen a unique tassie cheese perhaps?