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Cosmology for the 21st Century : the Electric Universe

“A real cosmology must be a broad and coherent natural philosophy. It may always be incomplete, based on our limitations, but to be valid there can be no exceptions in our experience. In particular, cosmology must address issues of life and the human condition. Therefore it must be a truly interdisciplinary pursuit.” – Wallace Thornhill

In October 2014 Astrotas sponsored philosopher & physicist  Wallace Thornhill  from Canberra to present the paradigm shattering  Electric Universe theory. This was a truly mind expanding talk drawing on his 5 decades of accumulated knowledge. Wallace is a modern Galileo whose work, following on from that of Ralph Juergens, is at odds with the current erroneous cosmology of the Big Bang and Einstein’s theory of Relativity. It was pretty amazing to have people flying in from Melbourne and Sydney to listen to him!wal carrie juan

Wallace kindly helped us put together a video of his talk which serves as a fine introduction to his life’s work without overwhelming technical detail.  In preparing his talk I asked him to assume no background knowledge of electricity in the audience except an ability to put batteries in the right way round.

The good news – no global warming, we have a unified theory of everything, the universe is not full of weird behaviors and stuff can travel faster than light

The bad news – no more alternate universes or time travel for Dr Who script writers, and we have to somehow convince more mainstream scientists to walk away from imaginary complex mathematical models and their (expensive) errors eg. designing a comet lander for an icy ‘dirty snowball’ instead of a rocky chunk ejected electrostatically from a planet.


Books mentioned by Wal:

The following month he was off to Portland Oregon for a high powered EU workshop where he delivered the technical version of his stunning “Theory of Everything” in a mere 45 mins! Cosmology for the 21st Century – video below.  Further personal commentary on the EU theory are in posts in this blog (including an simple explanation of the electric theory of gravity discussed briefly by Wal ) It is time to rewrite the textbooks!


NASA Quest


NASA does of course understand some aspects of electricity and plasma physics – its just that they are clinging at the same time to gravitational theory. This mashup prevents them from predicting the phenomena of space, electromagnetic or otherwise, and gives rise to increasingly absurd explanations for what they are finding. Gravitational theory has taken us from terrifying blackholes that suck all matter into them, to microscopic ones that somehow don’t – and now apparently supermassive blackholes that ‘blow bubbles’ of cosmic proportions spitting out enormous amounts of matter. No wonder Dr Joe is surprised beyond his wildest imagination!

It was a blessed NASA project that my son did a decade ago that left a large crater of doubt in my mind about how much we actually understand about the solar system – all the teachers modules and children’s work is still on the web here – http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/projects/space/robotdesign/ I think I am obliged to offer the Advocate an Electric Universe update since they gave us space for a full page article on that little diversion in Newspapers in Education back in 2003 ( it’s Tassie – lot of slow news days )

We enjoyed 8 weeks in a virtual class for schoolkids to pitch their ideas for a robot to the team from NASA who were actually designing a robot helper for astronauts aboard the space station. It culminated in the novelty of getting up at 4am to watch a grainy live webcast in the days when our bandwith and equipment made carrier pigeons a better option. This was sadly a month after the Challenger disaster so the ISS, which was still being built, was especially topical, but before the GFC so the space program apparently still had funds to spare for outreach.

NASA cultivated a warm and wonderful atmosphere of intellectual acceptance; there was no right or wrong. As the preliminary designs were discussed the teams quickly adopted the most useful of each others ideas – he got such a buzz out of doing it, but in the process enormous BLACK Intellectual HOLES in the theory of a gravity based solar system ( let alone a universe ) were revealed.

We were sitting on the trampoline ( me earth him moon ) attempting to satisfy ourselves that the plum pudding theory of gravity/space as a fabric worked, and a spanner ( pingpongball ) dropped out of the spacecraft closer to earth’s fat bottom than the moon’s little one would probably go earth wards, despite the worrying ability of the moon to influence the earthly tides at the same time. We live near the beach so tides were already part of his cosmology. Luckily the mission was basically run by engineers and the task was a pretty straight forward engineering one. If there was any sticky issue with adult explanations not holding water, one could put on the NASA video of astronauts playing with their Toys in Space to see what stuff does. and so fall back on “because we know it does, we did the experiment“. It’s niggled me ever since till I stumbled over EU and Wallace Thornhill. http://www.holoscience.com/wp/electric-gravity-in-an-electric-universe/

“Gravity is due to radially oriented electrostatic dipoles inside the Earth’s protons, neutrons and electrons.”

I’m going to quote NASA response to Michael’s design “The best way to solve a problem is to really understand it. Keep up the good work.” and I’ll quote Michael’s 7 yo wisdom as well – “he might learn the wrong thing. If he does there is a delete button.
The Electric Universe is calling us to use our childlike eyes to see when the Emperor has no clothes, to truly understand our universe so we can solve the big problems. We have to hit the delete button on a few things – like climate change, the nuclear fusion powered sun, to do so. It is also calling on us to do the experiments – and Wallace Thornhill will be talking at our next meeting about the Electric Universe experiments taking place in Canada now.