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Mushroom Gallery – slippery jack


20120411-093217.jpg20120411-091828.jpg Young slippery jack (Boletus portentosus or Suillus luteus) showing dark ring of veil attachment. Pine collected at site for innoculation.

Underside showing yellow sponge of spore tubules, cap and veil peeled; specimen was cooked and eaten. 20120411-093703.jpg
An older slippery jack in situ showing slimy cap and wormhole – inspect slippery jacks carefully for slugs etc! The pine roots it is mychorizal to penetrate the grassy area. The trees were about ten metres north and moss in the grass testify to the dampness of the area. Other mushrooms were growing in the area including another similar bolete and the poisonous fly agaric – more id notes to follow april meeting.
20120411-095359.jpg Fried in butter with basil and served with sourdough, chickpea sprouts and marinated goat feta, red grapes, lettuce. It has a delicate texture and flavour that goes well with lemony herbs.