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May 2011 – AGM and Coconut oil


poster Astro Flyer 21 May 2011
Notes from the AGM:
elections –
President: Rodger Taggart
Vice President: Carolyn Rutter
Treasurer: Ingrid Schipper
Secretary: No volunteers or nominations.
General Committee:
1. Heather Davidson
2. Allan Wilton
3. No volunteers or nominations.

Vacancies be addressed by committee at next meeting – meanwhile, please feel free to advise the new committee if you are interested in taking on the vacant roles. ( leave a comment below or call us )

Rodger gave a talk on the power of lifestyle and dietary changes to reverse his own high blood pressure reccomending the health books by Paul C. Bragg and the benefits of dry skin brushing. The technique as described by Dr Saltanoff “is a form of acupressure. As you brush away, nerve endings in the skin are activated, and these in turn affect all the organs in remote parts of your body via the reflexes of the nervous system.”
Roger maintains his glowing health with a largely raw vegetarian diet and a cold spritz after his morning dry brush and shower.

Followed by Peter and his wife Sonia speaking about how the best coconut oil is produced and the many health benefits of cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Peter first came across the book about “coconut cures” by Dr Bruce Fife ND while in Indonesia. Coconut oil is both antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal after digestion and a perfect substitute for butter in baking. It raises good HDL cholesterol, functions as an antioxidant and does not become rancid at room temperature or during cooking unlike common polyunsaturated vegetable oils like canola. Sonia fed us some delicious gluten free cookies (recipe here) made with coconut flour and coconut oil which they now import in bulk as it is cheaper than purchasing retail in Tasmania. She uses it on her skin and hair as a beauty treatment.

Members who didn’t attend keen to purchase some coconut oil at a discounted price through Peter please call us or leave a comment below,

more information: the great cholesterol con

Peter concluded his enlightening talk by showing us this video: http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/virgin_coconut_oil.htm

Bruce Fife ND speaks about coconut oil