ASTROTAS is the latest addition to the Alternative Science & Technology Research Organisation network of Australia – a non profit organisation bringing together those interested in natural health and alternative energy sources. It began in Sydney with ATSRO groups still active in South Australia and Victoria.

Each month a guest speaker is invited to share with us wisdoms both ancient and new – mystical, scientific, spritual, technical and natural. Are you curious? Come along to broaden your horizons and share afternoon tea with the friendly ASTROTASMANIANS. Some presentations involve practical demonstrations,excursions or a film. Venue is usually the new Community Learning Centre at Penguin Primary School 105 Ironcliffe Rd, Penguin. Everyone is welcome at our informal meetings.

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Contacting ASTRO Tas

Leave a message here or on facebook. For urgent enquiries call: Carolyn Tel: 0414805131 Rodger Tel: 03 64255838