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Biology in an Electric Universe


The Electric Universe theory applies across all scales – from the galactic, to life on earth, all the way down to the subatomic. It reconciles quantum physics with the physics of bodies larger than an atom, and unites the recent scientific observations of celestial phenomena with testable earthly equivalents and pre-historic records. The modern Galileos understand it is electricity ( not gravity, not nuclear fusion ) which is the key force driving our universe, lighting the way for us to a truly interdisciplinary scientific age. Physics is not separated from chemistry or biology. “Life itself is an electrical, field-directed event.”

Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell talk about the paradigm-cracking new science of Electro-Biology

I came to learn of Wallace Thornhill’s work through my interest in biology – via looking into the science behind earthing technology for health, and the possible dangers of EMF and dirty electricity ( see notes for 2011 astro meeting on this topic )  The movement of cells viewed  in live blood microscopy show obvious charge separation when healthy ( live blood microscopy is one of the tests used to demonstrate the effectiveness of earthing as a sole health intervention, although earthing is not the only parameter that produces and reverses the unhealthy agglutinated situation. It’s lovely to see in real time with the cells moving. The response in bloodflow is also seen in vivo using the standard medical testing within the macula)

REPETITIVE TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (rTMS) is a new technology that is showing promise as a treatment for depression being used in australia including Royal Hobart Hospital. rTMS involves holding an insulated coil in contact with the scalp and passing a strong current around the coil. This creates a magnetic field that passes through to the brain. When the current is rapidly fluctuated, the magnetic field fluctuates causing tiny secondary currents in the brain. A kid friendly fun video is the RI Christmas Lectures – you can watch Professor Bruce Hood use a large oscillating magnetic field to turn off  Professor Walshe’s brain without apparent harm http://www.richannel.org/christmas-lectures-2011-bruce-hood–whats-in-your-head

Below Peter Mungo Jupp, an Australian archaeologist and neo- renaissance man, discusses the wider implications of brain activity being altered by electromagnetic fields as seen from an EU position

April 2011 Dirty Electricity


Dirty Electricity
Kelvin Jowett, Researcher, Launceston Polytechnic and radio station technician presents his findings, demonstrating live with gauss meter and Stetzer filters, one of the tools available for protecting yourself and your family from harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields ( EMF or EMR – electromagnetic radiation ) that are to be found in every home, school and workplace.

He discussed sources of EMF such as mobile phone towers, microwave ovens, electric wiring including underfloor heating systems and electric blankets, as well the benefits of the Stetzer filters, air ionizers and the book by Lyn McClean, Australia’s foremost consumer advocate on the issue of EMR.

Note: Kelvin does not sell the filters or provide EMF consulting.

Stetzer filters and air ionizers can be bought at various places online eg. http://www.dirtyelectricity.com.au/OurGuarantee.htm
but be aware they are not a complete EMR solution and some government agencies do not think they work http://www.emfandhealth.com/Evaluation%20of%20Stetzer%20Filters

this explains stetzer filters and EMF rather well.

a practical non alarmist summary on what to do by sustainable living tasmania
A guide for Homeowners by Don Maisch

More information on EMF and a trifield meter with instructions can be hired for $15 from:
Tasmanian Environment Centre Inc. trading as Sustainable Living Tasmania
1st Floor, 71 Murray St., Hobart, Tas 7000, Phone (03) 6234 5566, Fax (03) 6234 5543
Email info@sustainablelivingtasmania.org.au
( does not measure EMF from radio frequencies – radio frequency radiation or RFR )

Complete EMF safety kits can also be purchased or hired from EMR australia

If you would like a home/office EMF survey:
EMFacts Consultancy: Don Maisch
Ph: (03) 6243 0195
E-mail: dmaisch@emfacts.com
WebSite: http://www.emfacts.com

there is a low emf underfloor heating solution called ” twin core” system. It is available in Australia from thermotec.

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